The secret sauce – Drivers

The end of February 2017 is nearing. Time is flying! Again it feels like 2016 where its Thursday the next day and weeks are just passing by. My goals are slowly takings shape however something is holding me back. Luckily I have discovered a crucial element that will surely help me achieve these goals. Drivers!


Drivers, well that is what I am calling them, are those habits that actually drive the habits you need to be successful in achieving your goals. Confused? What dawned on me is that every goal has a habit, which in turn becomes a goal and there fore has to have a habit too. For less confusion I am calling these habits drivers.


One of my goals this year is to have a more healthy lifestyle. This included exercising more often, eating less junk food and eating more healthy home cooked meals. I also wanted to drink at least 2L of water everyday.

Goal: Healthy Lifestyle
Habit: Exercise 4 – 5 times a week.
Habit: Eat healthy home cooked meals + less/no junk food
Habit: Drink 2L water everyday

This plan seemed pretty easy to follow (not) and with consistency I would surely reach my goal of living a more healthier lifestyle. Yet last week I had a terrible week where I ate such a lot of junk and did not exercise at all and missed my daily intake of 2L of water where before I reached these goals consistently.


I realized that these habits were all dependent on one another in some weird way. And by not doing the one it was very difficult doing the others. If I went to the gym I would easily consume a liter of water which made the rest of the day easy to get to my 2L.

But to go to the gym I needed energy and the weekend spoiled everything for me! I went to a party on Friday where I had a few drinks. This made me feel very groggy on Saturday and I craved for junk food. This also made me very lazy and Sunday I just wanted to relax and recover. Yes, I am not at that age where I can just carry on with life after a party. 😉

For the rest of last week though I continued eating junk food, didn’t exercise and didn’t drink my 2L of water. What happened? Why did I miss an entire week? And then it struck me. There was no food in the house. Simple yet, what would become, the driver behind this entire goal was just to do grocery shopping. No, it can’t be? Well lets look at this week then.

On Sunday I did some grocery shopping and planned my meals for the week.
Monday – Exercised, home cooked meal, 2L water. Habits achieved!
Tuesday – Exercised, home cooked meal, 2L water. Habits achieved!
Today is Wednesday and I am also on track!

This one event of going to the shop to buy groceries and planning my meals for the week is the driver to achieve my entire healthy lifestyle goal. Nothing else. Its simple yet effective! Now that I know this I am also starting to look into my other goals and what those drivers are. Some revelations there too!

Tip: Sit for a moment and think about what you want to achieve, what your habits are to achieve those goals and then most important what driver enables you to set those habits in motion.

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I am so excited about what lies ahead and monitoring how this driver and other drivers affect my habits and eventually my goals.

I hope that this post will help you too and please be sure to check out some of our other posts! 

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