From idea to reality.

So you have a good idea. A great idea. This is going to work. This is fantastic. Your excitement level is high. You are motivated and ready to conquer the world. Yet weeks later you still have not done anything. Then you start to doubt everything. What has happened?

This has happened to me a few times. What I have found though is that you need to be patient. Patience is everything and having the right habits to get you to the finish line. I might sound like I am repeating myself a lot but I want to make this point very clear. You need to stay focused and put in the work.

I have recently started a new venture. I wanted to start my own company. I had a plan. I wanted to be financially free. Where do you start? You do the first thing when starting a company. You think about a name. This is such a basic step however immediately your idea is being born. Once your idea, project, company has a name it starts to become a reality. You now have something to call it. Also someone else knows what to call it. If however you don’t need a name first then just start. Like with this blog. It was called testblog and a cool blog name, however it was born and it started. With my company I had to register a name and that is what I did.

Next I had to register the business. So that is what I did. With the name registered the business could be registered and now I was a director of my own company. Boom! Progress. My idea was now a legal entity that can operate on its own. Its not in my head anymore. What is next? Let’s open a bank account. I went online, filled out the documentation and sent it to the bank. Days later I was notified that I had a bank account! Progress!

Lets review. I chose a name, registered a company and opened a bank account. Three simple things, yet I have moved from idea to reality. Yes I have not done any business yet and I still have a long way to go but I am technically ready for business. Yesterday I was in a business meeting and when I heard some of the attendees talk about my business and mentioned the name I realized that this is not only in my mind anymore but also in their minds and most important, this is real.

Am I at my end goal yet? No, however I am on the path and this is the important part. In order to get to the destination you need to start the journey. It does not matter where you are in your journey as long as you are still on it. You need to believe that you are going to get to the destination as long as you keep ticking off what you need to do. Be patient and form habits to get you there.

So what is your next step? What do you need to do to take your idea from being only in your head to being a reality?

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Please drop a comment and tell us about how you go about making your ideas a reality! 🙂

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