Life is difficult…Ok lets move forward.

I started this blog 3 weeks ago. It has been an exciting ride so far and like always I am getting impatient. It is easy to fall into this trap of wanting things to be successful immediately. Stop, breathe, step by step.


If life was easy everyone would be bored. We would not be able to move forward as a civilization and we will probably end up eating each other. Ok maybe not that bad. Have you ever felt that whenever you set a goal life is great until you feel like you are not getting anywhere. You are stuck. Life is difficult. This is an illusion! You know how to move forward. If you are reading this then you have learnt how to read, use the internet and much more. You have the ability to learn, evolve and succeed. You’ve got this!


Tonight I am feeling my dark side wanting to stick its head out. Good or bad? Both. Frustration can be good when channeled the correct way. I looked back on January and although there were some highs I am not that happy! I feel that I could’ve done better! This dark side makes me get shit done though. I get focused. I want to push more! Don’t be afraid to unleash your dark side! It will get you into the zone! Embrace your dark side.


Something I really struggle with is getting up in the morning. Beat the bed! This is my most challenging bad habit to shake. I hate it. I set alarms and plan to wake up early, but I am just exhausted. I am not a morning person, yet when I have to be somewhere at a specific time I just get out and get ready! I need a morning routine! I even know exactly what to do! I need to focus!


First of all you need to force yourself to change your habits. Its like learning how to drive again. At first you think about everything you are doing until you are on auto-pilot. Getting up early needs to become auto-pilot! I will be on auto-pilot! You will be on auto-pilot!

Second point, delayed gratification. It takes time. Be patient. Yes, but its difficult. Ok so lets move forward. Prioritize! Execute. What comes first? What is the most important course of action? Ok now do it! Done? Good. Prioritize! What is next? Execute!


You are doing this. You are fine! Everything is okay! As long you stay in the zone you are solid.

First priority! I would love to hear from you! Please visit our website if you are on your reader and be sure to comment, like and share! 🙂

Now Execute!

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