Sharing your goals – Good or Bad idea?

I always get excited when setting new goals. So excited that I just want to tell everyone about how amazing things are going to be, but this (I have discovered) can have both positive and negative affects. So is it a good or bad idea to share your goals with friends and family?

In my younger years I used to tell everyone what my goals were. I think it all started with that first teacher who made me stand in front of the class and tell everyone what I wanted to become when I was big. (I wanted to become a medical doctor…that didn’t happen)

Sharing goals didn’t have any affects as we were all innocent kids and no one really cared but as I grew older I started to realize that people can become really jealous and wouldn’t react in the positive way that I expected. It was weird. Why were they not happy for me?

Although I didn’t get the desired reaction it actually gave me a bigger drive to prove them wrong. I’ll show you, I would think and really give it my all. When I achieved my goal I didn’t feel that satisfied though because I felt like I didn’t do it for myself.

On the other hand when people were really happy for me and saying great things like; “You can do it! Oh that sounds awesome! Well done!” I felt amazing! I felt like I could really do this and yet a few days, weeks, months later I would find that I have not done anything yet.

What was going on? Their praises gave me a false sense of achievement and in my subconscious I was already at the finish line. Instant gratification can be very dangerous! The praise that normally comes at the end of the goal came too soon and this made me to just procrastinate.

So what now? Do I tell people, do I not tell people? Do I just quietly go ahead without having the support of friends and family? I found a middle ground. A few years back my friends and I found a great way to set goals and to monitor them. This is the support group that I needed because our encouragement was genuine and we checked up on each other!No more procrastination! This was awesome!

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In time I started to learn who I can share my goals with and which goals to keep to myself. If it was something big that I was looking to do I would just keep it to myself and later people would find out that I have already achieved my goal. I took action and I got shit done! Not just talk about things and sound like a broken record.

At the end of the day sharing goals is a personal decision and no one should be able to tell you what you should do. Just be mindful of the affects that it might have on your subconscious. Most importantly, take action and smash it!

I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic! Good or Bad idea?

One good idea though is to share this post! :)Thanks for reading.

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